Dear Baby: DIY Projects For Semi Crafty Non Perfectionists


I haven’t done one of these in six months, so I’m over due in making some semi-crafty stuff! Since part of Brent’s Mother’s Day gift to me included painting our front door bright red, I thought the kids and I would return the favor and paint him something too. Today, ladies and gentleman, we’re…

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."

Peggy O’Mara

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"In the happiest of our childhood memories, our parents were happy, too."

- Robert Brault 

Dear kids,

i have lights and shadows in my childhood memories, but this is a 100% truth. since i was 8, i realized that all i needed to be happy was watching my parents happy. i’m a 100% sure that i will make a million mistakes but i certainly know that i won’t forget this. i am not going to let your happiest memories stop soon.

"As you age, you’ll find the best job takes the least amount of your time"

Dad-isms: Things I’ve Learned So Far 

Dear kids,

i’ve been 100% sure of this since a few years. and that, kids, is because of you :)

"It’s 10,000 times better than anything I’ve ever done."

Steve Jobs, on having childrenWith Time Running Short, Steve Jobs Managed His Farewells -

Dear kids,

i’m so sad that you’ll never ever get the chance to live in the same world of this man. i’m really sad these days…

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"Relationships only fail if you don’t try. You need patience. People just want an automatic love story, but it doesn’t happen that way. You have to put in effort. Pull your end of the rope, and if you truly love the person, you’ll go out of your way to make it work."

Dear kids,

i’ve to admit that i’m dealing with this situation right now. love is not about staring your partner and wishing that perfect moments would last forever; is about working as hard as enjoying. i’m not married, but i’m 200% committed to make things work.

ps. you can apply it in (almost) every situation of your life.

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